Welcome to PlaySteps
PlaySteps for Developing Kids' (formerly Fourt Therapy Center's) mission is to provide high quality occupational therapy services for children.  In a child-centered environment, we enable development in the areas of sensory processing,  gross and fine motor coordination, and the myriad of functional skills built upon these proficiencies. 
To get started, please download our
Pre-consultation form, fill it out, save and email back to us. We'll then schedule a complimentary phone consultation to
answer your specific questions. 
Once you have completed the pre-consultation process and are ready to register your child for assessments and therapy, please  download our Registration Packet ,
fill it out, save and email back to us. 
If you are a student interested in volunteering to fulfill graduate school application requirements, please fill out our  Volunteer Form and email to 
[email protected] 
(Note: Please download and save the blank form to your computer before completing.)